How to Lose 10 Pounds Fast – 8 Ways to Slash Body Fat   Leave a comment

  • Eat At Least 6 Mini Meals a DayFrequent meals tame the beast of hunger.Each mini meal should consist of a mix of lean protein and fiber rich complex carbohydrates! The key – controlling hunger shrinks your gut.
  • Embrace FatMaking the choice to buy and eat low fat foods is recommended. Best still, fat is filling and adds flavor to your meals, so it helps you avoid feeling deprived. But you can’t eat more than you normally would as fat free foods can pack on the pounds. Let’s face it – if you eat too much of the low calorie meals in a day,

    you will still gain weight.

  • Cheat a LittleRepetitive meals can torpedo your diet – so cheat a little if you need

    to on the weekend.

    The occasional slice of pizza or a bowl of ice cream is good for your diet. It just breaks the boredom of the meals, and adds much needed variety and motivation. But make sure the next day, you get back to the normal routine of eating sensibly.

  • Don’t Slack OffEven if you don’t feel like working out, tell yourself you’ll do at least 10 minutes.

    When those minutes are up, your endorphines will be pumping and it’ll be easier to continue.

  • Strength TrainingPerforming multi muscle movements at high intensities, and using a variety of repetition ranges stimulates maximum growth.


    Because, those lifts involves larger muscle masses. Hence bigger moves like the squat release more of the key hormones that increase strength and muscle — and slash body fat.

  • Interval TrainingThis is an exercise that consists of periods of short hard exercise followed by short periods of recovery – which works better for fat loss.

    It is far more effective than a diet of steady state cardio and it gets more results in less time.

  • Workout With A Pal or TwoThis is a great way to stay motivated but make sure the focus is on the workout, not on chatting about last weekend.

    So partner up with someone to get help and get their success to rub off on you.

  • Not doing too much, getting enough rest and sleep
  • There you have it –the key here is to get your nutrition in order, then focus your workouts on brief, intense strength and interval training workouts that increase your metabolism for the next 24 hours. This is how to lose 10 pounds fast, and keep it off for good.


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