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Why 90% Of Men Give Up Online Dating Within 3 Months   Leave a comment

It may sound incredible but 90% of single men give up online dating after 3 months of trying. This gives the 10% that are not actually trying, and are having a good go at it, rich pickings of all the single women available to them. So where do these single men go wrong?

A free trial is exactly that

One of the first mistakes single men make when they start online dating is treating their free trial as a lifetime membership. A free trial means a free trial. You get to try out a few of the online dating service’s features to see what they offer you, but it isn’t the way to get yourself on a date.

Sending flirts

The problem with a free trial is the only form of communication you can have with another member of the online dating web site is by sending them a flirt. This is a good way to show interest in another single woman, and she will take it as you are showing interest, but to get her to start replying to your interest you’ll need to send her an email. Flirts and winks have a very low response rate, and is the reason why you get to send them on your free trial. If they were an excellent form of communication you would have to pay to use them.

An email shows another women that you’re confident, and want to start a conversation with her. That’s why she’s joined the internet dating service, to communicate with other single men. If a woman sees that another man can’t pay $25 for a months membership she’s not going to expect to be wined and dined on her first date.

Their online dating profile

When most single men set up their free trial they treat their profile as a free trial as well. Setting up a profile to start using the online dating service takes a few minutes. Setting up a profile that is going to show another online dater that you’re serious about online dating takes nearer to half an hour. The profile in a few minutes is a much easier option, and is the option that gets chosen over 90% of the time.

The easier option also includes creating a profile without a photo attached to it. Most single women won’t reply to an email to someone without a photo on their profile even if the single man has paid for a membership.


Single men need top pay for at least one months membership to meet another women at an online dating web site. These single women are waiting to be contacted, and they want to be contacted with emails that show you have a personality.

All of the short cuts to romance mentioned above just lead to single men not getting anywhere, which makes them think online dating doesn’t work then they give up.

It’s the same as meeting someone in a bar. Single women want to be approached, and then spoken too. Just showing interest from the other side of the bar wouldn’t get most single men a date.

At the end of the day dating will cost you money online and offline. $25 a month is a small price to pay if it means you’ll meet someone to spend the rest of your life with.


The Blatant Online Dating Mistake Made By Men Meeting Women   Leave a comment

Men make this mistake in the real world all the time when they want to meet an attractive woman. Most of us start out naturally this way.

So what is this blatant mistake?

We tend to idolize beautiful or otherwise attractive women. We look past all the personality flaws for a moment or even forget to judge personality. Some of us simply freeze up in self-conscious astonishment. Some of us suddenly shower them with overboard compliments about their beauty or some other readily perceived quality.

Not here’s the real problem.

She feels this vibe from men at least ten times a day already. She’s bombarded with idolizing attention. That means whether she’s at work, out at the grocery store, or at a bar or social gathering.

So what do you do instead?

The first thing is to stop making attractive women feel like untouchable goddesses to you. This is a mental process that will take some practice but once done, you’ll be a more attractive man naturally.

First recall a woman in your life that is known to be attractive to the outside world. Yet, you clearly do not idolize her. You know her flaws and appreciate the various aspects of who she really is. You may even know she is deeply insecure.

This can be a relative, a sibling, a long-time female friend, or even your mother. Now recognize this consciously and then whenever you meet attractive women, consciously look for their flaws, too. Know that there are flaws and imagine them for the moment if need be. Ask yourself… “What will completely annoy or gross me if I hung out with her for a long time?”

Also, learn to see through the veneer that is her outside beauty if that is the quality about women that influences you. Try to visualize her underneath her makeup.

Try this exercise for a week or so consciously. I guarantee you’ll feel a perceptible difference.

Now what does this have to do with online dating?

The problem magnifies and deafens her to you even more. Because you can’t convey your voice and body language on most dating sites readily, the computer screen text looks completely like every other man hitting on her or virtually worshipping her.

Once you destroy that idolizing mindset, your communication online will become different and you will be looking for different things in a woman. This will make you recognizably different from all the clutter she sees in online dating.